Cts Natural Ruby

Cut Grade > Excellent

  • 3.02 Ct Red Multi Australian Black Opal Lightning Ridge Gem
  • Large 7.58 Ct Red Top Grade 100% Natural Australian Opal (opal Ring)
  • Ssef Certified Burma Ruby 4.12 Cts Natural Untreated Fiery Rich Pinkish Red Oval
  • 1.7 Ct. 100% Natural Australian N -2 Black Opal Red Multi Gem
  • Gia Certified Kashmir Ruby 2.50 Cts Natural Untreated Deep Purplish Red Cushion
  • 1.15 Ct Australian Red Opal 100% Natural Brilliant Red Opal
  • Certified 190 Ct+ Natural Ruby 50 Pcs 100% Natural A+ Superb Wholesale Lot Gems
  • 95 Ct. Australian Crystal Opal Red And Blue
  • Burma Ruby 3.01 Cts Natural Untreated Fiery Vivid Pinkish Red Cushion
  • 6.30 Ct Collectors Red/blue Flagstone Harlequin Australian Black Opal With Video
  • Igi Certified Mozambique Ruby 1.01 Cts Natural Untreated Deep Pinkish Red Oval
  • Grs Certified Burma Ruby 5.35 Cts Natural Untreated Lively Vivid Pinkish Red
  • Igi Certified Afghanistan Ruby 2.01 Cts Natural Untreated Deep Pinkish Red Oval
  • Ssef Certified Burma Ruby 6.55 Cts Natural Untreated Deep Pinkish Red Cushion
  • (1069) 2.86ct Bright Red Multi-colour Solid Black Opal
  • 3 Kilo/15000+ct Ruby Emerald Sapphire Ring Size Box Full Gemstone Free Shipping
  • Large 6.2 Ct 100% Natural Australian Red Crystal Opal Brightness 5